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Let me tell you my story

From a small village in Ukraine the American dream was born. As a young girl growing up in Europe (on the border with Poland), making pierogies with my family weekly, I never dreamed that one day I would be in the United States bringing one of my earliest childhood memories to America. I can remember going out of my front door as my grandmother Natalia asked me to gather some cherries from the tree and wrap them in homemade dough for some dessert pierogies. She taught me how to make different kinds of pierogies with love: potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, sweet cheese, cherries, apples, prunes, blueberries, strawberries and many others. So, all my knowledge about pierogies came from her. The fun spent with family around the kitchen table creating these delicacies was a time of happiness and family I cherish. I decided to share this unbelievable taste with you!

While sitting on my back porch in the US, talking to family, the dream was created. The question was posed to me if I would consider making and selling pierogies. I couldn’t fathom that so many people would want pierogies as these are very common in Ukraine, but we decided to put it on social media to see if anyone was interested and overnight the business was born. We were literally making pierogies the very next day as demand began to grow and grow. After a few weeks it was clear they couldn’t continue to make the amounts needed in the home kitchen and filed the paperwork to install a commercial kitchen in the basement of my home (our first kitchen in picture).

Business exploded from there and within two months we were looking for a place to rent. By November of 2021 we rented a storefront and business continued to grow. By July of 2021 we moved to another larger storefront that now included eat-in options along with a full deli of other European offerings. In May of 2022 we moved to our current store front in the historical Centre Market in Wheeling, WV. Everyone loves the authentic pierogies, European kielbasa and the Fresh handmade pasta that was brought into the mix. People started calling from several states around the country asking for shipping options, so the next part of the business was created. We want to bring the best tasting pierogies, kielbasa, fresh pasta, and other offerings to the everyone! We are sure you will enjoy our pierogies, kielbasa and fresh pasta as much as we do, and hope we bring a taste of Europe and childhood memories back to your table.

Traditional European Pierogies delivered to your kitchen