European Natural Casing Kielbasa

"Our products are an experience that words cannot convey. We are the competition." - George Salo Jr.

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"You never Sausage a Thing"-George Salo Jr.

We want to bring the best kielbasa available for everyone in the US to enjoy! We have been working with George Jr. for many years. When we first had the opportunity to taste their authentic European kielbasa, we felt like it was a taste of home! They use only the best meats and spices available and prepare it the same way they have since they opened the store. People line up in front of their store just to get a taste of their offerings. Their kielbasa has the same great taste we have in Europe, and we were thrilled to find a little piece of Heaven to add to the For the Love of Pierogies shipping lineup.

Where it started

George Sr. and Maria Salo spent a lifetime working and building their business in the Ukrainian village of Parma, Ohio. George Sr., an immigrant from Ukraine, worked hard to achieve the American dream. Today his son George Jr. owns and operates the business along with his mother. The dream continues and their kielbasa is the most authentic European kielbasa you will find anywhere.